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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Women's Sandal's at REI...

Some excellent sandals on sale at REI this weekend:


Excellent rigid sole with a slight rocker-bottom shape as well as good forefoot, midfoot and some rearfoot control. Comes in various colors and this is the type of sandal that can be worn casually or dressed up. I have patients who are going to Europe and going on cruises this summer and are concerned about proper shoe-gear that is comfortable and looks good. This is the perfect sandal to wear for those situation. Of course, if you're doing all day walking and more aggressive tourist activities, I would recommend an enclosed walking shoe for more support, protection and biomechanical control. 
Cost: $69.93 (36% reduced)


This is a great sandal for land or water. Going to Rocky Point? Don't risk swimming with barefeet - this is a excellent sandal for in the water. I've treated many patients with lacerations from stepping on glass or sharp rocks in the surf and have done surgeries pulling sea urchin spines out of people's feet from landing on coral. This sandal has good toe protection, a rigid-sole and good forefoot, midfoot and decent rearfoot control. This is a casual look for the beach and sports-related activities. 

Cost: $69.99 (Usually $95)

CHACO ZX/2 Sandals:

Rugged rubber outsoles and great arch support. It's a little skimpy on the forefoot, midfoot, and rearfoot control but the fabulous arch is its saving grace. This is a land and water sandal and is for casual/sporty wear. This sandal doesn't work well with people who have moderate to severe bunions because the strapping has a tendency to aggravate the bunion/bump. If you have sweaty feet - there's good news and bad news - bad news is that the rubber sole can make you sweat more, good news is that the rubber sole is easy to clean/wash. For people with sweaty feet, you can purchase over-the-counter CERTAIN-DRI to put on your feet every night before you go to bed to decrease sweating. 

Cost: $69.99 (Usually $95)


An amphibious sandal with a shock absorbing sole and adjustable nylon webbing/straps. This is the classical "TEVA" look and is great for casual wear. If you get this sandal, check the sole by trying to bend or flex it - make sure it doesn't have a lot of give, which can cause problems. Remember, the more inflexible, the more rigid - the better. Motion means more wear and tear on your foot/joints - make the shoe do the work and take up the damage - not your foot! 

Cost: $49.99 (Regular $80)

**Special mention : If you see the Teva Westwater Shoes and the Chaco Flips - Do your feel, knees, hip and lower back a solid -- keep walking!! 

Once again, sandals are not appropriate for diabetics, patients with neuropathy (nerve damage) and moderate to severe foot deformities. If you're unsure if you fall into any of these groups - make an appointment with your Podiatrist and take in a bag of your shoes. It may sound silly but I prefer when people bring in their shoes. It helps with patient understanding and compliance and it helps me help you get better quicker!!  

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Good point! Really, bringing your shoes for the visit is a good idea.