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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dress Shoe For Ladies with Bunions...


I found this shoe at FAMOUS FOOTWEAR at Paradise Valley Mall.

This shoe would make a nice casual dress shoe for ladies with painful bunions that hurt with pressure from shoes.

What makes this shoe good:

* Rigid-Sole with cushioned insole.
* Straps that give some forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot control.
* The front of the shoe offers some natural "roll" during the gait cycle.

This shoe will work for patients who need a dress shoe for special occasions and limited wear who have:
*Bunions (may not work for every patient with bunions - it depends on where each individual person's bunions is and the severity of the bunion).
*Depending on where the midstrap falls, it MAY work for patients with painful bumps (Exostosis) on the top of their midfoot
*Heel pain (Mild)
*Achilles Tendonitis (Mild)

This shoe is NOT recommended for:
*Extended walking/activities - especially on uneven surfaces.
*Hallus Limitus/Rigidus - patients with limited range of motion or degenerative joint disease across the 1st Toe Joint.
*Severe Hypermobility/Ligament Laxity.
*Diabetic Patients.

Cost: $49.99


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