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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Comfortable Women's Dress Shoe - The Jambu Sweden & Jambu Wedge...


The Jambu Sweden (upper) and The Jambu Wedge (lower) are excellent woman's shoes for a wide variety of foot conditions...

The secret to this fabulous shoe is it's thick, rigid sole which allows for less motion across the bottom of the foot and less motion means less pain. It's wide toebox and rigid rearfoot control allows for more biomechanial control. This limits motion and therefore limits pain and mechanical strain as well as decreases the chance of injury.

This shoe is recommended for patients with:
*Mild Bunions
*Mild Hammertoes
*Mild to Moderate Hallux Limitus (limited range of motion of the first toe joint)
*Mild to Moderate osteoarthritis of the first toe joint
*Mild Morton's Neuroma
*Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)
*Mild Tendonitis
*Mild Osteoarthritis of the mid-tarsal joint (mid-foot)
*Mild Knee, Hip and Lower Back Pain
*Capsulitis in the toe joints

This shoe is NOT recommended for:
*Neuropathic Patients (Nerve Damage)
*Charcot Foot
*Moderate to Severe Bunions and Hammertoes
*Moderate to Severe Degenerative Joint Disease/Osteoarthritis
*Severe Hallux Limitus/Rigidus (Severely limited range of motion of the first toe joint or a fused first toe joint)
*Moderate to Severe Tendonitis
*Moderate to Severe Morton's Neuroma

The photo of the Jambu Wedge was taken at The Shoe Mill in Tempe, Arizona.

Cost: $119

Have a wonderful day!
Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy

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