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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Top Comfortable Shoe Lists" that are Podiatrist Recommended.

For Lists of my Podiatrist recommended 
"Top Shoes" -
Please use the search box to the right (within the blog) to look up:

Top Twenty Comfortable Dress Shoes
Top Twenty Comfortable Boot
Top Ten Comfortable Sandals
Top Five Comfortable Walking Shoes

Hope these are helpful!


Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy


Kristin Krieg said...

Most of your dress shoe recommendations are not for people with diabetic neuropathy. Do you have any dress suggestions for 40 year women with the beginning stages of diabetic neuropathy?

Doctor of Podiatry Discusses and Recommends Shoes. said...

Hi Kristen,
Thank you for reading the blog!

You've hit on a touchy area! Because I am giving advice, I am always VERY careful about which shoes I recommend for diabetics with neuropathy or poor circulation. I am very cautious and tend to ere on the conservative side!

I would recommend that you get, at the very least, a yearly Diabetic Podiatry exam and have a conversation with your Podiatrist about what type of shoes are suitable for you. If you have a history of ulcerations - you will most likely be limited to "extra-depth" shoes with accomodative inserts. If your Podiatrist says that you are in good shape - you should be able to wear: Wolkys, Naots and Allegria - to name a few.

I recommend that you make an appointment with your Pod and take a bag full of shoes in so that he or she can check them and have a conversation about what shoes are appropriate for you.

I hope that was helpful!
Cathy McCarthy

Kristin Krieg said...

Thank you for your comments.


Alisha said...

Hello Dr McCarthy,

My daughter will be 14 mths soon and does not walk alone yet. Her feet don't seem straight either when we walk with her. Her right foot kind of curves outward and her big toes always seem to take the lead. Anyway I went to stride rite b/c I was looking for those old fashioned hard white booties we all had when we were kids and needless to say they didn't have them. So they sold me these step 2 booties (kind of) that she said were recommended since my daughter is just starting. She said it gives the bare feet feeling. I don't know what to do? Does she need a dr? Do I keep searching for the hard booties or just use the ones I bought? Sorry so long and I understand If u can't answer. I just thought I'd give it a try. Thank u :)


Doctor of Podiatry Discusses and Recommends Shoes. said...

Dear Alisha,

Thank you for reading the blog!

Please remember that I'm offering advice without evaluating your little girl's feet in person - you will need to follow up with an Ortho or Podiatrist specializing in Pediatric Biomechanics.

Your original thoughts were correct! I would recommend getting a shoe with a thick rigid and protective sole. I would also recommend getting a good over-the-counter pediatric insert like "Arch Angels" to put in the shoe for good arch control. Up until children are three years old, bones are softer and more malleable than soft tissue. It's important that if your child has a biomechanical issue that you see a Podiatrist or an Ortho who specializes in Pediatric foot care. From birth to three years old is considered the "golden period" for being able to manipulate the shape of a child's foot non-surgically with conservative treatment.

Shoes that are soft or too flexible or have no support will encourage the child's foot to flatten out. Better to have the child in rigid soled shoes (with ankle control) and arch support.

I hope this has been helpful. Please follow up with a specialist in Pediatric Biomechanics!


Dr McCarthy

Tina said...

I have wide feet and suffer with nerve pain on the bottom and top of my feet. I have a compressed nerve in my back and stinosis . I wear 8 1/2 wide

Doctor of Podiatry Discusses and Recommends Shoes. said...

Hi Tina,
Thank you so much for reading the blog! Are you looking for walking shoes or a dress shoe? Are you diabetic and have you ever had open ulcerations of the feet? Do your feet swell significantly? Do you have trouble reaching your feet to tie the laces? Let me know and I can give you some general recommendations...
Cathy McCarthy

Zachary Ryan said...

The caliber of collection that you are providing is but marvelous.
nursing shoes

Doctor of Podiatry Discusses and Recommends Shoes. said...

Thank you Zachary!

Carolyn Robbin said...

Hello and thank you for your blog.

Do you recomment the Croc sandles (with back strap) for daily wear in summer? I recently developed plantar faciitus.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I had a plate and five screws put in my fifth metatarsal. I'll be able to switch to regular tennis shoes on the first of July. The only thing my surgeon said was 'wide'. Do your walking shoe recommendations stand for that sort of after surgery wear? I'm looking at Skechers Shape Ups, but the new models seem to have changed to a less rigid sole. Do you have any advice for me? Thanks, Sarah

Doctor of Podiatry Discusses and Recommends Shoes. said...

Hi Anonymous,
So sorry for the delayed response!
Everything you need to know about proper shoegear after a 5th met fracture is in my article on this blog. Please copy and past this to your search bar for more info:


Thanks for reading and I hope that all is well!