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Monday, October 13, 2014

Denzel Washington kicks butt in podiatry approved shoegear in his new movie 'The Equalizer'.

Denzel Washington kicks butt in his new movie 'The Equalizer'
while wearing New Balance 1540 - 
podiatrist approved shoe gear! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge movie fan! I've always been a Denzel Washington fan and I love a great revenge flick. When I saw that Denzel was wearing the excellent New Balance 1540's that I have been recommending to patients for years, I was thrilled. 

Sure, maybe it was product placement that got the New Balance 1540's into the movie, but I prefer to imagine that Denzel had it written into his contract that he needed to wear podiatry recommended shoegear as he wreaked blood-splattering havoc on the bad guys. Maybe he's been reading my blog? Hey, a podiatrist can dream, right?

By the end of the film, Denzel switched over to a more conservative orthopedic looking black oxford and I'm hoping that they were as comfortable as the NB 1540 shoes. 

The New Balance 1540's is a running shoe and has 'roll-bar technology', which creates a thick and rigid sole for more protection to the foot joints. The NB 1540 has good heel shock absorption, which helps with anyone suffering with heel pain as well as knee, hip and lower back pain. The extra-depth toebox is made of mesh and is great for anyone who has bunions, hammertoes or prominent bone spurs. To maximize comfort, wear a custom-molded functional orthotic, which you can from your Podiatrist, or wear a good over-the-counter insert like 'Footsteps' or 'Powerstep'. 

NB 1540 is recommended for patients with:
*Tailor's Bunions
*Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
*Rheumatoid Arthritis
*Hallux Limitus (limited range of motion of the 1st toe joint)
*Hallux Rigidus (no range of motion of the 1st toe joint)
*Morton's Neuroma
*Previous Lisfranc's Injury
*Ankle Instability
*Ligament Laxity
*Posterior Tibial Tendonitis
*Peroneal Tendonitis
*History of Ankle Sprains
*Achilles Tendonitis
*Some Diabetics
*Peripheral Arterial Disease (poor circulation)
*Peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) 
*Drop Foot (you need to wear an AFO with this condition and the NB 1540 should accommodate the it)

NB 1540 is NOT recommended for patients with: 
*Charcot Foot
*History of ulcerations (Check with your podiatrist)

When I recommend to patients that they wear the New Balance 928 or 1540 - you should see the strange grimaces and facial contortions of horror and disgust that I get in response! New Balance doesn't have the best reputation for being a 'cool' shoe and I have to convince people that 'cool' is a mental attitude and it doesn't matter what you wear on your feet. I think that's why I was so thrilled to see the uber-cool Denzel Washington in the NB 1540's! 

Thank you Denzel for making the NB 1540's cool, which makes my job of getting patients into better shoegear easier! 

Dr. Cathy McCarthy trivia:
I had a screenplay entitled 'There Goes The Neighborhood' declined by Denzel's people (I was told by my manager). My screenplay entitled 'Oh Brother' was optioned by Gold Circle Film (the company that did 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding') in 2005, but the film never went into production. My novel 'Gunning For Angels' is my latest writing and can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle or book form. 

No hard feelings, Denzel! I still love you and can't wait to see your next movie.

I hope this review was helpful,

Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy



Anonymous said...

I love Denzel too and love that he wore smart shoes in his movie!

mom0810 said...

What New balance shoe do you recommend for Charcot foot?

Anonymous said...

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