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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Autumn 2019 Podiatrist Recommended Shoes at Dillard's!

Autumn 2019

Podiatrist Recommended Shoes at Dillard's.

Did you see me cruising through Dillard's yesterday? I was the woman walking around checking all the shoes and even taking pictures of some of the shoes on my cell phone. Actually, I am quite surprised that they don't kick me out of there on the off chance I am was an industrial spy! 

Here are some recommendations from my latest trip to Dillard's at Fashion Square in Scottsdale where a lovely salesperson names Charles helped me. 

Gentle Souls
Kenneth Cole
Noa Leather Flats

This shoe might not look like it, but the sole is very rigid and, therefore, much more supportive. The most important thing about a shoe is that it must have a thick, rigid and non-flexible sole because less motion means less pain, less inflammation and less "wear and tear" of the joints. The shoe is not perfect as it has no arch support and the toe box is a bit too tapered for my taste, but this may be a good choice for some patients. 

Naomi Wedge Sandal

Going into Autumn, this may only be a good choice for those of us in Arizona and the warmer climates who don't have to worry about rain, slush and snow. I really liked this Jambu because it has the thick, rigid and non-flexible sole which is what makes a shoe more comfortable and protective of foot structures such as joints, ligaments and tendons. 

Dr. Marten's
Farrah Chunky Glitter Boots

The Dr. Marten's boot is a great choice for students heading back to school. They are uber-comfortable, sturdy and even sort of cool. I love that Dr. Marten's are coming out in creative colors and even with some bling. I also love that this is a boot that will accommodate a functional or dress orthotic for better arch support. 


Obviously, the Kork-Ease Shirome will not be for everyone, but if you know that you can wear a heel of the height comfortably, then this may be a good choice for a dress boot.

Michael Kors
Cosmo Leopard Print

I purchased this shoe and love it! I can wear my dress heat-molded insert with it for better arch support and I find it is very comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dillard's has many different designers who have their own versions of what I call these "blinged-out sneakers." 

Antonio Melani

I love that the sole of this dress shoe is so rigid (and therefore supportive and protective). The only issue I have with these shoes is that the toe box is tapered and a bit narrow, but this may be a good choice for someone with a narrow foot. 

Fluff Yeah Neon Slides

I love that these Uggs come in so many bright and cheerful colors. The thick, rigid and non-flexible sole makes them a very supportive and comfortable choice for bedroom slipper. 

Cole Han
American Classic

This is an excellent choice for a men's dress shoe as they have a rigid and non-flexible sole and they can also accommodate a men's dress orthotic for better arch support. 

Paisley Suede Waterproof Sneakers

I think that this is a great looking shoe and it has an excellent and supportive sole with a wide toe box. It will accommodate a custom-molded orthotic for better arch support. 


The Alegria Paloma is an oldie but a goodie! It has a supportive sole and wide toe box and will accommodate a thinner dress orthotic. They also come in creative colors and designs.

Antonio Melani
Airla Casual Slip-On

This is another example of one of the fancier "sneakers" that are coming out this Autumn. I love the thick, rigid and non-flexible sole which is what makes the shoe so comfortable. This may not be the best choice for anyone with a high instep or a "bump" on the top of the middle of their arch as the strap will cause too much pressure which will be uncomfortable. 

(for bedroom slippers)

If the Rx Crocs don't work for you as a bedroom slipper, this Birk Buckley is another great option for a slipper to wear around the house. 

Gianna Bini
Troye Rainbow Rhinestone Embellished 
Chunky Lace-Up Sneakers

What's not to love about this shoe? It's funky, chunky and cool and more importantly - it's comfortable!

Patricia Nash
Milano Leather Wedge Sneakers

This is another great option for someone who is looking for a slightly dressed-up look for their sneakers. It will also accommodate a dress or functional orthotic. 

These are just a few of the great choices I found at Dillard's at Fashion Square in Scottsdale this past weekend. I hope you have good luck finding a shoe that is suits your aesthetic taste AND feels great!

Thank you for reading the blog!

Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy


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