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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Anne's Wide Shoes" at NE corner of Bell and 59th Ave.

This independently owned and operated shoe store specializes in providing shoes for people who need wider fitting shoes - from Men's size 7-16 EEE-EEEEEE and Ladies size 5-13 D-EEEE.

Wow! This is an impressive line of shoes/sandals that were designed by a Dutch Podiatrist. The have rigid soles with cushioned (although non-removable) insoles and I think they look pretty darn nice. 

Recommended for patients with: mild to severe hammertoes, mild to moderate bunions (may need some stretching of the leather which can be done at the store or in our office), metatarsalgia, tendonitis, LisFranc Joint Injury, osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid patients, forefoot and midfoot mild to moderate degenerative joint disease (depending on the patient and location of the problem), mild to moderate Tailor's bunions, sesmoiditis and mild to moderate Morton's Neuromas. 

Not Recommended for patients with: Diabetes or peripheral neuropathy, Charcot foot, severe bunions, and severe Tailor's bunion. 

This line of shoes/sandals are rated a solid Nine-Toe rating (from zero-toes "arch enemy" to ten-toes "foot friendly"). 

**The Wolky Liana is the #1 seller for comfortable slip on sandals. It has adjustable straps, which is very helpful for patients suffering with bunions/bump pain. It has a cushioned insole and sells for $129. 

Also very impressive! This is another sandal/shoe that has a rigid sole with a cushioned insert and decent arch support. The insole is removable so that you can replace it with either a custom molded orthotic or a more aggressive over-the-counter insert with more arch support. Aravon is a division of New Balance, which is one of the few shoe companies that engages in active research and development to create a better shoe. 

The recommendations and non-recommendations are approximately the same as the Wolky (see above). 

Cost: approx $134

A special shout out on this one to patients with large bunions!! This is technically not the best or most supportive sandals out there but the sandal has a soft, stretchy fabric over the bunion area that will put less pressure on the bunions. The sandal is made in Italy and has a removable insert so that you can put in a custom molded orthotic or a more aggressive over the counter insert. The insert that comes with the shoe is very decent and has some arch support. Although the sandal does not have rearfoot control/strapping - it could be an excellent shoe for people with bunions for light activities or around the house. 

I give this a Six to Seven-Toe Rating on a scale from zero to ten for most patients but for patients with bunions - this could be a Nine-Toe Rating...

Okay, Bunion patients, you may not like this one but...
Not the prettiest shoe you've ever seen but if you have painful hammertoes or bunions this is an excellent shoe for more intense walking activities that you may want to do. It is an extra-depth shoe that will give more room to forefoot problems such as hammertoes and bunions. Keep in mind, that if you still need more room in the forefoot area, the shoe can be stretched to further accommodate any problem areas (can be stretched in the store or at our office). You're going to see this shoe and not want to buy it but I would say to you - buy a Wolky or Aravon for more dressy occasions and then purchase this shoe for when you hit the casino's or or the Mall for some power shopping. Remember, even if you have a shoe that's not so easy on the eyes and you don't want to wear it because it's not "pretty enough" - if it improves your quality of life by allowing you to do more and stay active, than put on the shoes and get out there and have some fun!!! Live life to the fullest - even if you have to do it in some funky shoes...

I give this shoe a Nine-Toe Rating...

**Annette and Erin run the store and are very knowledgeable about the shoes and will happy to help you. Please support them as small independently owned shoe stores that specialize in people with special foot needs are hard to find and, when we do find one (like this one), we want to support them.

Have a great day!



Adorobella Jewelry and Glass said...

Hi Dr. McCarthy, I had the pleasute of meeting you this week. I had the shock of my life when you told me all the wonderful things that are wrong with my feet. Since the I have been researching shoes based on our conversation of bone losss, hammertoes, bunions etc. I was wondering if you have ever been to the Shoe Mill in Tempe? I have not gone yet as someone just recommended this store to me. Also what do you think of naturalizer shoes and Joseph seibel? thanks Nancy Dorobiala

Doctor of Podiatry Discusses and Recommends Shoes. said...

Hi Nancy!
Thanks for the comments! First, I've never been to the Shoe Mill at Tempe but I will put them on my list of places to visit. Second, you're too young for naturalizers. If you're a little old lady (which you're not!) naturalizers can be very good because you would be taking smaller steps (shuffling gait) and you wouldn't be doing a lot of walking. If you're younger and more active (which you are!) then you want a shoe with a more rigid sole. If you have a wide foot, the sandals recommended at Anne's Wide Shoes will work pretty well - especially the Wolky's. Third, I know the brand name Joseph Seibel but I will have to go into the stores and check them out. I will add that to my list too. If you're not sure - just remember what we talked about - a thick, rigid-sole, good arch support and good forefoot and rearfoot control.
Hope all is well!
Cathy McCarthy

claire said...

Anne's Wide Shoes at 59th and Bell is closed. The Shoe Mill carries most of these brands, or if you need wide or extra wide shoes, try OtherWideShoes on the NE Corner of Southern and McClintock. Both stores are in Tempe, AZ. Bit of a trek, but worth it!