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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boy's Shoes at Famous Footwear at Desert Ridge...

Famous Footwear at Desert Ridge (NE side of Tatum Blvd & 101) has some pretty decent shoes and prices...

A word of caution - I've noticed that the exact same brand of shoe can often have different material strength in the sole so I highly recommend testing the rigidity of the sole for yourself. Try to get the shoe with the most rigid sole so that it is more protective of your child's foot. 

Also, no matter how great I rate the shoe, if your child doesn't like it or says it doesn't feel good - don't get it. Every shoe does not work for every person. One thing you learn in medicine is that there is always an exception to the rule! 

Also, I am constantly surprised that shoe manufacturer's rarely put arch support in kid's shoes - it's very strange that they consistently ignore this element of the shoe. If your child has flat feet, you're going to have to be careful to try to find a shoe with either built-in arch support or you can purchase an over-the-counter firm arch support for the shoe. 

Speaking of arch control for children, you have several options:
1. Custom-molded orthotics are the best but, I don't often like to put children in CMO's as they outgrow them so quickly and are expensive (@ $400). If your insurance covers them, that's great, but if not, I often tell patients that if they get the child an excellent shoe, the child will usually do just fine with a good over-the-counter pediatric insert. Ask your podiatrist to check your insurance for orthotics if you're not sure about your insurance benefits. 
2. I have a very nice over-the-counter pediatric insert that costs $65 and, for older children, we carry another that costs $40. I tell patient's that an insert, whether custom-molded or over-the-counter is like icing on the cake - but the cake is the shoe. You must have a good shoe!  
3. You can also buy over-the-counter insert for children in various retail stores. What you're looking for in an insert is firm arch control - not soft or gel support. For proper biomechanical control in children - you need more rigid control - not soft, compressible materials that offer minimal control.  

Also, if your child is complaining of foot pain, something is wrong! Kid's don't make up foot pain - they may fake a stomach ache but if a child says their foot hurts, make an appointment with your podiatrist and get him or her checked out. Most problems are treatable with conservative treatment. 

This is good boy's sandal that is black/silver/red. It has the best sole strength of any of the sandals although it has no arch support. 
Cost: $19.99
Rating: Six to Seven Toes on a scale of Zero Toes (arch enemy) to Ten Toes (foot friendly)  

An adorable boy's sandal with a rigid sole and adjustable velcro straps. No arch support. 
Cost: $31.99
Rating: Eight Toe's. 

This is more a skateboard look that has a more rigid sole although no arch control. 
Cost: $29.99
Rating: Eight Toe's.

A miniature little workboot shoe that would be very good for a child with weak ankles and/or severe collapsing arches. There is still no arch control but the insert is removable so that you can put an over-the-counter arch support in it. 
Cost: $24.99
Rating: Eight-Nine Toe's. 

A very nice dress shoe appropriate for church or weddings. It has a thick, rigid-sole with a removable insert (will some effort) that can be replaced by an over-the-counter or CMO.
Cost: $24.99
Rating: Seven-Eight Toe's. 

A supportive sneaker with a rigid sole and adjustable velcro straps. No arch support. 
Cost: $39.99
Rating: Eight Toe's. 

Has a rigid-sole with a hard-to-remove insole that has no arch support. 
Cost: $34.99
Rating: Seven Toe's.

1. The Skecher Commando with Three-Toe Rating due to it's atrociously flexible sole.
2. Converse. (I am going to devote a special blog just to this Rebel Without A Cause shoe...) 


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