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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Granola Anyone???

I'll take a little Birkenstock with that Granola please...


Lot's of good stuff I can say about the Birkenstock - it has lovely arch support, a rigid sole, a deep heel cup for some heel control and good forefoot strapping. The only negative thing I can say about this shoe is that it doesn't have a rearfoot strap which would allow for more rearfoot control. Also, please avoid the Birkenstock flip-flop (thong) as it does not allow for enough forefoot and midfoot control. The Birkenstock I'm talking about is the one with the wide straps across the forefoot and midfoot area and, preferably, with rearfoot straps. 

This is a great shoe for kicking around the house and what I call "puttering." I wouldn't wear it for more aggressive activities like all day shopping or hiking, ect...

This shoe is not recommended for patients with: diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, foot-drop, Charcot, people with nerve disorders or history of paralysis or stroke. Also, any sandal with no rearfoot control will force you to grip your toes down to grip onto the sandal (or flip-flop) which can aggravate and cause progression of such forefoot problems as hammertoes, metatarsalgia, bunions, and metatarsal capsulitis. Saying that, the Birkenstock is still far superior to walking barefoot or wearing a flimsy flip-flop.  

This shoe is recommended for: light wear in the house, mild bunions, and Morton's Neuroma.

Many stores carry the Birkenstock and at my recent visit to Famous Footwear at Desert Ridge (NE Corner of Tatum & 101), the men's Birkenstock was $69.99. 

Rating: Eight Toe's. 

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