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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stretch Walker at Foot Solutions...

Bad news for MBT lover's!! 

MBT was bought out by another company and the things that made the shoe so wonderful are changing. They are trying to appeal to a larger market which means that they may be sacrificing the MBT's stability to aesthetics. 

A new shoe that is as good if not better than the old MBT is the STRETCH WALKER at FOOT SOLUTIONS on the SW corner of Scottsdale Rd and Acoma.

This shoe has a rigid sole which is excellent for a multitude of forefoot and midfoot problems with the added advantage that's it's lighter than the MBT. It has a midfoot stabilizer and stretchable fabric across the wide toebox. All of the patients who have purchased this shoe have all loved it! 

This shoe is excellent for almost any foot type or any foot pathology including diabetic and neuropathy patients. It is not appropriate for patients with severe deformities who require custom-molded shoes. It's also excellent for people who are on their feet a lot such as retail employees, post office employees, teachers or anyone with chronic foot problems. 

Cost: $280
*Remember, if you have chronic foot pain, shoes are an investment. Although this shoe is not for everyone - think about how much you spend in co-pays and medical bills and I bet anything it's more economical and time saving to invest in an excellent pair of shoes than spend all that money and time going to the podiatrist! 

Rating: 8-toes on a scale of zero-toes (arch enemy) to ten-toes (foot friendly).

Have a wonderful day!
Dr. McCarthy