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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Top 7 Podiatrist Recommended Bedroom Slippers.

Podiatrist Recommended 
Bedroom Slippers

Specialist Crocs (with no vents)

The Crocs Specialist is my "go to" bedroom slippers and they work for 90% of patients - and myself! I recommend that you wear the strap to the back for more rearfoot control. If you are walking in the house barefoot or wearing only socks or are in flimsy bedroom slippers, if you switch to wearing these Crocs as a bedroom slipper in the house, then you will have 30% improvement in foot, knee, hip and lower back pain within 3 weeks. Don't get the Specialists with vents because the sole is too flimsy and they are not nearly as good. They don't work as well if you have extremely narrow feet. 

Fleece-Lined Crocs

These fleece-lined Crocs are wonderful for anyone who has cold feet, Raynaud's syndrome, peripheral arterial disease or you simply just need more cushioning. They also work great for older people who need something easy to slide into and need to keep their feet warm. 

Orthofeet Diabetic Slippers

The Orthofeet Diabetic Slippers are my recommendation for older patients or anyone with back pain because you can slip into them without having to bend down and adjust any straps. 

Orthofeet Relax Slipper

This is another great choice for older patients or anyone with chronic back problems. What makes this slipper so excellent is that it has a rigid sole with excellent arch support and lots of cushioning. 

Aligning Comfy Toe Slippers 

These weird-looking slippers are excellent for anyone who has flexible hammertoes. These slippers help to resist soft tissue contraction of the tendons that are pulling the toes into the hammertoe deformity, which helps to slow the progression of hammertoes. They are not going to fix the hammertoes, but they will help slow down the progression of the deformity.  


For those of you can't deal with the aesthetics of the Crocs, this is a great alternative for bedroom slippers. Especially if you have teenagers with challenged feet that need to wear better slippers in the house, this is a great "starter drug" to better shoe gear. 

Birkenstock Sandals

The Birk sandals are an excellent choice for anyone who has hallux limitus, functional hallux limitus, arthritis of the 1st toe joint or the Lisfranc's joint. I recommend that you go to a Birkenstock dealership in your area and be properly fitted for them. I highly recommend that you get the Birks with the rearfoot strapping as helps to biomechanically control the rearfoot. Without rearfoot strapping, you are gripping down your toes to stay in the Birks, which can promote hammertoes and mechanical strain to the tendons and joints. 

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I hope this was helpful and have a great day!

Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy