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Monday, March 31, 2014

Dress Shoe for Patients with Bunions - Podiatrist Recommended

Shoe Recommendation for 
Patients with Bunions

Steve Madden's Betsi

Steve Madden Brynn

These are two wonderful options for anyone who needs a shoe that will accommodate a painful bunion. What makes this such a great shoe is that it has the thick, rigid sole that is protective because it does not allow any motion through the bottom of the foot, which means that there is less pain, inflammation, swelling and damage to the forefoot joints, which translates to more comfort, less chance of injury and it slows the progression of bunions and hammertoes. The topcover material is what really sets this shoe apart! The material is a soft, stretchy mesh that puts less pressure on the bunion, which significantly decreases pain. I would recommend adding a dress custom-molded orthotic, which will help slow or stop the progression of the bunions formation. 

This shoe is recommended for patients with:
*Mild to possible Moderate Hallux Limitus (decreased motion of the 1st toe joint)
*Mild to Moderate Hammertoes
*Mild Achilles Tendonitis
*Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)
*Mild Morton's Neuroma
*Mild Osteoarthritis
*Mild Plantar Plate issues
*Mild Metatarsalgia
*Mild Over-Pronation (wear a dress custom molded orthotic to control pronation) 

This shoe is NOT recommended for patients with:
*Severe Hallux Limitus 
*Hallux Rigidus (no range of motion of the 1st toe joint)
*Peripheral Arterial Disease (Poor Circulation)
*Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)
*Charcot Foot
*Ankle Instability
*Severe Over-Pronation
*Drop Foot
*Severe Hypermobility

I hope this was helpful!

Dr Cathleen A. McCarthy