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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dansko Veda - Podiatrist Recommended Comfortable Shoe


Super-Comfortable Shoe for Fall 2013

I love these Converse-ish looking Dankso shoes! 

What makes the Dansko Veda shoe so comfortable is that it meets all four requirements that a shoe must have to be comfortable: it has a thick, rigid and non-flexible sole, a wide toebox, rearfoot control and it can accommodate your orthotics or an over-the-counter arch support. 

I also love the price! I found these on 6pm.com for a $28, which is a 60% discount. These are hard to find in stores, but you can try on Dansko shoes at local retailers such as Dillards and smaller stores catering to hospital employees such as nurses. Try a scrub store to find the Dansko Professional shoe, which is excellent for anyone who works on concrete surfaces for long hours. 

This Shoe is Recommended for Patients with:
* Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Pain (wear with arch supports or heel cushions for more comfort)
*Mild to Severe Hallux Limitus
*Hallux Rigidus
*Mild to Moderate Bunions
*Mild to Moderate Tailor's Bunions 
*Mild to Severe Over-Pronators
*Mild Achilles Tendonitis 
*Morton's Neuroma
*Mild Rheumatoid Arthritis (wear with a cushioned insole)
*Anyone Recovering from a foot fracture (i.e. Jones, metatarsals, toes, ect.) 
*Mild Ankle Instability
*Chronic Pain Syndromes (wear with a custom molded insert with an appropriate topcover such as EVA or plastizote - your Pod will be able to help you with this)

This Shoe is NOT Recommended for Patients with:
*Diabetics with Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)
*Diabetics with Peripheral Arterial Disease (Poor Circulation)
*Diabetics with a history of foot Ulcerations
*Leg Fatigue in the Elderly
*Muscle Weakness
*Charcot Foot
*Severe Edema (Swelling)

For more information about what makes a shoe comfortable, please go to the search box on this blog (Upper right hand corner) and look up "My Feet Hurt" for an article about ten easy things you can do to significantly alleviate foot, knee, hip and lower back pain

Have a great day!

Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy