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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kid's Amphibious Sandals...

There are some excellent quality Kid Sandals on sale at http://www.campmor.com 

These sandals are especially good for kids with:
Mild to moderate Flat feet/ Hyperpronation
Mild Ligament Laxity
Mild ankle instability
History of a resolved foot/ankle injury (that has been properly medically treated)
Mild Pediatric Bunions 
Mild to Moderate hammertoes
History of Ingrown Toenails
Mechanical Strain 

1. Birkenstock Children Rona Sandal - $42.99
This has a strap in the back which offers some rearfoot control. This is not a sandal for sports activities but more for casual wear. 
2. Keens Kids Raleigh Sandal - $50
3. Keen Kids Newport H2 Sandal - 44.99
4. Teva Dozer Watersports Kids Teva Shoe - $24.97
More an amphibious shoe than sandal but excellent for forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot control. It has a closed toebox for maximal protection and minimal exposure. 
5. Chaco Boys Z1 Performance Sandal - $29.96
Chaco's offer very nice arch support and are amphibious.
6. Teva Kids Hurricane Sport Sandal - $24.98
7. Teva Children's Spoiler 3 (only available in size 2) - $19.97
8. Spoiler 3 Kids Teva Sandals - $19.97
9. Kids Teva Hurricane Sport Sandals (only available in size 4-5) - $15.97

** Final thought - shoes are an investment - your kids may not appreciate it now but they will remember you and thank you when they're forty and everyone around them is having knee, hip, lower back issues and, hopefully, they are not!! 

Have a great day!