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Monday, February 23, 2015

Podiatrist Recommended Comfortable Fashion Boot - Eileen Fischer Wedge Boot.

Eileen Fischer
Grip Wedge Bootie

The Eileen Fischer Grip Wedge Bootie is my new favorite boot! Although this boot is not appropriate for every patient or foot type, this should be a comfortable shoe choice for anyone who knows that she can tolerate a heel of this height. What makes this boot so comfortable is that it has a thick, rigid and non-flexible sole that is protective of the foot joints. I love the rearfoot strapping, which offers more biomechanical control, which helps decrease strain on the tendons, joints and ligaments. The toebox is lightly tapered but realtively wide. The only quibble I have with the forefoot toebox is that there is a seam running right through where a bunion would be, so if you have a moderate to severe bunion this may not be the shoe for you. If you know that this heel height is not a problem for you to wear, this may be a comfortable shoe choice for you. 

The following list is general recommendation. I always recommend that you try on the shoe at the store and if it doesn't feel good then it is not the choice for you. 

This boot is recommended for people with:
*Mild Bunions
*Mild Hammertoes
*Mild Tailor's bunions
*Healed Lisfranc's Injuries (clear this boot with you podiatrist first)
*Mild Achilles Tendonitis
*Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
*Mild Over-Pronation 
*Mild Hypermobility 
*Mild Functional Hallux Limitus 

This boot is not recommended for people with:
*Hallux Rigidus (no motions through the 1st toe joint)
*Moderate to Severe Hallux Limitus (limited range of motion through the 1st toe joint)
*Moderate to severe Morton's Neuroma
*Forefoot Capsulitis
*Moderate to severe Bunions
*Moderate to severe Hammertoes
*Moderate to severe Tailor's bunions
*Subluxing Hammertoes
*Plantar plate injuries or pain
*Peripheral Neuropathy (nerve damage)
*Peripheral Arterial Disease (poor circulation)
*History of foot ulcerations
*Charcot Foot

Have a wonderful evening!

Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Podiatry Recommended Comfortable Sandal for Spring - Naot Relate

Naot Relate

Podiatry Recommended Comfortable Sandal for Spring

First, I'd like to appologize to anyone waiting on an answer through the comment section of the blog. For the last eight weeks, I've had a bit of vertigo and haven't been able to tolerate looking at the computer screen. I'm feeling much better and looking forward to catching up on the comments and questions!

The Naot Relate sandal is an excellent choice for Spring. It has a thick, rigid and non-flexible sole that limits motion through the foot joints, which allows for maximum comfort. Less motion through any areas of previous injury or joint damage means less inflammation, swelling and pain to that area. The Naot Relate also has a soft insole that molds to the shape of the foot and will be comfortable for anyone who has painful calluses. The forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot strapping allows for more biomechanical control, which also translates to increased comfort and less mechanical strain. 

This sandal is recommended for:
*Functional Hallux Limitus (decreased motion through the 1st toe joint)
*Hallux Rigidus (no motion through the 1st toe joint)
*Tailor's Bunion
*Achilles Tendonitis (mild)
*Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
*Rheumatoid Arthritis
*Morton's Neuroma

This sandal is not recommended for: 
*Charcot Foot
*History of previous ulcerations
*Peripheral Arterial Disease
*Peripheral Neuropathy

For more information about how to find comfortable shoes, please see my articles on this blog entitled:
"My feet hurt - top 10 things to do to alleviate foot pain today"
"Shoe recommendations for patients recovering from Lisfranc's injuries."

Have a wonderful day!

Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy