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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A GREAT Men's casual sandal...

The All-Rounder by Mephisto "Alligator" gets a "nine-toe" rating!! 

This is an excellent sandal and will work well for: patients with plantar fasciitis (heel pain), tendonitis, mild to moderate hammertoes, and mild bunions.

I would not recommend this sandal for: diabetic patients, patients with neuropathy (nerve damage), or patients with moderate to severe bunions. 

This shoe can be purchased at: 
Nordstrom's at Fashion Square in Scottsdale for $190 
Zappos.com for $194
Mephistowebstore.com for $190
The Mephisto Store on the NE corner of Scottsdale & Shea (near the movie theater) - unsure of the cost at the store but probably the same.

*Please remember that if you continue to have foot or ankle pain - please follow up with your podiatrist for a full evaluation and treatment. I have often had the experience with patients who come in upset because "my shoes hurt" or "my orthotic doesn't work" and what is really going on is that the patient is walking around on an undiagnosed foot or ankle problem that needs treatment. Remember: you can be in the best shoe or orthotic in the world, but if you're walking around on a stress fracture - nothing is going to feel good! I recently had a patient, a lovely elderly woman who came in with "chronic foot pain for twenty years." The poor woman had been suffering with foot pain for twenty years and I was the first doctor she went to to address the issue. An MRI confirmed the diagnosis of a "severe stress fracture most likely caused by chronic, repetitive microtrauma" (i.e. walking around in poor shoegear). My treatment goals for her are to heal her stress fracture and, after she is healed, get her into good shoes so that the problem will not reoccur. 

From You Friendly Neighborhood Shoe-Geek Podiatrist...
Have a Great Day!

P.S. If you get this shoe - I would love your feedback!


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