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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Women's Sandals at REI (Near Paradise Valley Mall)

There are two stand-out Women's Sandals at the REI near Paradise Valley Mall (Tatum and Cactus). 

Chaco Z1 and Z2: 
This is a very good sandal with a rigid sole and aggressive arch support. It has adjustable straps, which may be of some help to people with bunions. The Z2 has slightly more supportive strapping than the Z1. They come in various colors and designs and can also work as a good water shoe. 

This shoe is good for patients who want to wear a sandal but need arch support. It will also work well for patients with mild to moderate hammertoes, mild bunions, Morton's Neuroma, Tailor's bunions. plantar fasciitis (heel pain), mild tendonitis and mild metatarsalgia.

This shoe is not recommended for: patients with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy (numb feet), severe bunions (may be irritated by the strap), or patients with painful calluses (although the sole is rigid enough, these patients may need more cushion).

Cost: $95 (Look for their sales!!)

I rate this sandal as a solid "8-toe rating" on a scale from (arch enemy) zero-toes to (foot friendly) ten-toes.  

Teva Open-Toachi Sandal:
This is a decent sandal. For some patients it will be excellent while it won't so well for other patients. Things I like about the sandals are that it can work well as a water shoe as well as a land shoe. It has very good forefoot and rearfoot control and some arch support. Not as much arch support as the Chaco but much better than most sandals. Also, both of these sandals, the Chaco and Toachi, are great for patients who suffer with sweaty, wet feet as well as frequent athlete's foot fungal infections since they can be easily cleaned.  

This sandal will work well for patients with: plantar fasciitis (has lots of heel cushion), mild tendonitis (peroneal and Posterior Tibiale Tendonitis), mild bunions, mild to moderate hammertoes, and mild Tailor's bunions.

This sandal will not work for: patient who are diabetic or have peripheral neuropathy, people who have severe forefoot pain (may not be rigid enough across the ball of the foot to prevent damage and/or pain), and moderate to severe Morton's Neuroma's (not wide enough).

Cost: $69.99 at Sports Authority on Scottsdale & 101.
Cost: $59.93 at REI at Paradise Valley Mall.

Overall Rating: I give this sandal a Seven-Toe rating. 

I purchased this sandal and enjoy wearing it around the house and for light walking/activities. I usually exercise in an MBT (I will review at a future date) and my custom-molded orthotic but on Monday I decided to test the sandal by exercising in the Teva Toachi. I walked 3-1/2 miles on asphalt and some dirt paths and did quite well. I will say, however, that the MBT's and CMO's gave me more stability and less joint tenderness (lower back). I would not recommend exercising in a sandal - you will be much better off exercise-walking in a walking shoe, hiking shoe, or MBT - depending on your foot problems. 

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robert said...

REI has a great choice of women's sandals. I love Teva sandals.